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Legend Theatre Company is a sister company of Rah Rah Theatre Company. The Company was established in 1990, and specialises in historical Theatre in Education for Key Stage 1 & 2 and the National Curriculum. Legend Theatre has consistently produced high-quality, entertaining, and educational drama. The company has toured to over 300 schools in the UK and has performed at various theatres such as: the Battersea Arts Centre, The Colour House Children’s Theatre, Royal Festival Hall, Lyric, Riverside, Unicorn, National Children's Outdoor Theatre and the South Bank Centre.


The company uses storytelling, mime, clowning, masks and puppetry within its shows. All of the productions are interactive, and aim to encourage audiences to join in as much as possible, so as to create a memorable experience. Legend Theatre is currently touring the following 5 productions:


Egyptians - Mosi on the Nile

Mummies come alive to transport the audience back 3000 years, to meet an adventurous Egyptian boy named Mosi, who meets numerous characters such as: market sellers, pyramid builders, the Pharaoh, farmers, fishermen on the river Nile, and Syrians.


Ancient Greeks - Theseus and the Minotaur

Join Theseus over 2500 years ago as he travels through Ancient Greece, discovering a life rich in sport, religion and art. The gods watch over Theseus in his quest to find his father. Through the people he meets and the places he visits, we learn of Ancient Greece and the legacies passed down to the present day, for example: the Olympics, Music, Theatre and Art.


Invaders - The Golden Belt

Zorg, the time travelling alien, invades your school, taking the children back in time to meet the Romans, Vikings and Anglo Saxon Britain. Join in an adventurous hunt for Thor's mighty belt!


Tudors - Tudor Times "read all about it!"

The Tudor period overflows with great stories, events and characters. Legend Theatre recreate the Tudor age influenced by King Henry VIII and his queens: the pursuit of knowledge, travel and adventure.


Victorians - Top Hat Tale

Two comic Victorian historians, and various period characters, take the audience back in time to experience: domestic life, inventions, education and the Great Exhibition of 1851.


For more information on Legend Theatre Company please visit their website

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