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WEX-FACTOR is a Theatre In Education show, which prepares pupils for their Work Experience. The production comprises a game show with two teams. The game show has five rounds (each highlighting one area of work experience) and points are awarded at the end of each round. Different students are involved in each round. The areas covered are as follows:

Interview Technique – preparation for an interview, including the initial telephone conversation with a prospective employer.

Dress to Impress – helps students with their decision as to what to wear during their placement, including appropriate dress, health and safety, and hygiene.

Employer’s Expectations – allows students to gain some insight into what employers might expect of them during their work experience placement.

Customer Service – introduces the idea of customer service and allows the students to identify good and bad customer service, which they can use during their work experience placement.

Health and Safety – demonstrates what students need to know about Health and Safety in the work place.

The cast comprises professionally trained actors, who have a wealth of experience, and specialise in Theatre In Education. The production can either be brought directly into your school hall or online.  The show is an hour long and costs £600. For more information or to book please contact us on 07944868358 or


This show was originally commissioned by Bracknell council in 2007 and has been performed in over 500 schools.  


“This performance is absolutely brilliant at helping the students to prepare for their work experience placements through a fun and varied range of highly interactive and practical tasks. The show is hugely entertaining to watch and, by allowing the students to participate themselves, ensures that they are engaged throughout and that they will remember the vital lessons.” Rachel ER Events

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