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This workshop looks at enhancing pupils' communication skills in the workplace and in everyday life. The workshop uses a number of drama games, team-building exercises and improvised scenes, to look at the following areas: different types of communication, team building, body language, eye contact, listening, tone of voice,

non-verbal communication, telephone conversations, interview techniques and customer service.




This workshop has four sections:

Section 1: The actors do a short introduction to the idea of business and enterprise to the students. They state that they will be setting a number of tasks throughout the workshop, where they will be judging the students' entrepreneurial skills.

Section 2: Quick group drama game warm-up for the students.

Section 3: Team building and problem-solving tasks.

Section 4: For the final part of the workshop, the students are set a task, as teams, to produce a business plan, which they then present to the group. This section of the workshop looks at: Target Market, Budget, Marketing & Promotions, Locality, and the skills they will need to run a business. Throughout this section, the actors go from team to team and help the students develop their ideas.

The workshop is an hour and twenty minutes long and is designed for up to 50 pupils. Schools can book as many as required in one day. The workshop works well with, and complements, both the WEX-Factor and Enterprise: The Next Generation shows. 





NEET Schools’ Package / Creative and Media Diploma

This project comprises of a 10-week course, during which the students will become a mini-theatre company, and be set the task of putting on a show at a local community centre, for either an elderly or learning difficulties audience. The students will work alongside Rah Rah Theatre company actors, who will be performing in the final show. The script will be provided by Rah Rah Theatre Company. The group will be given individual roles, with key guidelines on how to develop their role, with plenty of scope for their own creativity.  The roles include: front-of-house, technical, set, costume, props, marketing, admin, director, communications, stage manager and refreshments. On completing the 10-week course, the students will be able to add this as work experience to their CV, and will also be given a reference by a professional theatre company. 




Other workshops

We can also develop any theatre workshop for a client’s need. These may include, for example: acting techniques, dance, improvisation and team building. We would be available for either one-off workshops or a series of workshops, resulting in an end goal.















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