Rainy Day Bear’s Adventure is an exciting show for children aged 2-6. The show is a fun, interactive journey with songs and dancing. The story is about a girl named Milly and the adventures she has with her favourite toy, 'Rainy Day Bear'. Together, they visit the 'Jelly Bean Jungle', the 'Sea of the Seven Stripy Saucers' and the 'Curly Coloured Cake Castle'. Each magical place has its own challenges to be faced and, with the skilful use of props, is designed to stimulate the imagination. Important educational areas such as numbers, colours and shapes are covered. The show also incorporates well-known children’s songs that the audience can join in with. It is designed to be performed in any size space, either indoors or out.


Bookings for Rainy Day Bear’s Adventure so far include: the Rose Theatre Kingston, The Colour House children’s theatre, Winkworth Arboretum, Claremont Gardens and countless schools and children’s parties.



See the actors in action at the Colour House Theatre: 

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