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 Hi, I just wanted to thank the Rah Rah Theatre Company for their performance at the above care home. It is my Mum's 88th Birthday today and she was made a fuss of, even got proposed to! My wonderful Mum suffers from Dementia but still has her humour and she so enjoyed the show, the songs from her favourite films. I enjoyed it too and it was lovely to have a little dance with my Mum at the end to the lovely song The Last Dance by Englebert Humperdinck (Such a silly name) My daughter is in a drama club too so I do appreciate all the work that goes into these productions. It is a wonderful thing to bring to the community and I enjoyed watching the care home residents faces as much as I enjoyed the show. A big Thank You for all you do and to the lovely performers, whom I've seen before there. Cherie Ferguson :-)

'I must just congratulate you again on the wonderful pantomime you performed for us today! The residents all thoroughly enjoyed themselves with our youngest (77) to our eldest (106) commenting on how marvellous they found the show and how much they enjoyed meeting all of you!
Freda, 100, said “I thought it was marvellous, absolutely smashing! I really enjoyed it last year and I’ve been so looking forward to it this year. It really is super!”
So thank you once again, and a very happy Christmas and all the best for the new year! Hope to see you before too long!
Elizabeth Young
P.S. 'I started off my afternoon activity and was greeted by Phyllis, saying “Oh it’s you. What happened to the people this morning? I was hoping they’d come back this afternoon too. Oh well, we’ll just have to put up with you.” Does wonders for my self-esteem!!'

'Thank you so much for inviting the Quest members to the show, they all said how lovely it was and how much they enjoyed it, thank you to you and your team and also the cast of the show.'

'Hi Rah Rah Theatre Company,
Thank you for a wonderful show , the residents really enjoyed the show and every body has not stopped taking about it. We thought your team of entertainers were brilliant, look forward to seeing you in June.'
Thank you again,
Hayley Licence


'It was nice for the young and old audience members to interact together.'
Ann McAvoy


'Thank you for entertaining us, we enjoyed it very much. You must come again.'

Doris H


'Dear Rah Rah Friends,
I have been asked by the residents, our friends and relatives to say a very big thank you for the lovely time you gave us the other Saturday. We enjoyed the atmosphere, the friendliness, the singing, the jokes – but most of all yourselves. We look forward to seeing you again. We promise to keep Cis (who is now 101) in order next time. Again thank you for such great entertainment.'



'Dear Rah Rah,
Thank you for giving us a memorable and happy morning on Monday. You gave the residents so much pleasure by letting them remember past memories. Not only the residents but also all the staff and relatives had a great morning singing and joining in with all your songs. We wish you good luck in the future and looking forward to your next visit. Thank you again.'
From Residents, relatives and staff,
Ronald Gibson House


'On behalf of Yew Tree Lodge “Old Wrinkleys Brigade” I wish to express the appreciation of all those present tonight at your most enjoyable performance, and to thank-you for the joy and fun you exuded, which was a real tonic to us all.'
Sincerely Derick 






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